Music For A Film That Never Was


Music For A Film That Never Was is a multi-sensory exploration into the world of film, music and art that gives a glimpse into the rich creative minds of some of the world’s finest musicians and composers.

Originally conceived by Luc Ex (Luc Ex’s Assemblee/The Ex) and enlisting the talents of Zlaya (Loud!) and Michael Ellis (The Bleach Room), this will be the first in a series of limited edition LP’s that brings to life an array of fictional cinematic auditory visions.

All contributors were provided the same brief – envisage and write an imaginary film scene and compose and record the piece of accompanying music.

This project takes physical form in a strictly limited edition vinyl album. A concept was created that engages the final listener to visualise the fictional scene created by each artist. By briefly exposing 35mm film to light a series of uncontrollable and unpredictably vivid artworks were produced to accompany each composition and a booklet produced that presents these enigmatic 'photographs' alongside each artist's written description of their cinematic vision.

Music For A Film That Never Was gives fresh insight into the creative minds of musicians not normally associated with film composition, while awarding the listener the sensory inspiration to imagine these fictional scenes into life.


Colin Stetson
Jim O’Rourke
Stefan Kruger
Luc Ex
Ingrid Laubrock
Zlaya Loud/Jillis Kruk