Christian Fennesz & Mike Patton tour details | May June 2007

...although they come from different universes, Patton and Fennesz will share stage to do an unusual performance that is a hymn to radical creative freedom: electronic touches, krautrock landscapes, sampling, stormy drones, mellotron echoes

28.5 moers festival (germany)
29.5 arena, vienna (austria)
30.5 kulturfabrik, luxembourg (luxembourg)
31.5 primaverasound festival, barcelona (spain)
02.6 dissonanze festival - palazzo dei congressi, rome (italy)
03.6 melkweg, amsterdam (Netherlands)
04.6 the village, dublin (ireland)
05.6 volksb�hne, berlin (germany)
06.6 AB ancienne belgique, brussels (belgium)
07.6 kilbi festival, fribourg (switzerland)
08.6 villette sonique festival - trabendo, paris (france)
09.6 barby club, tel aviv (israel)

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