Live In Japan [vinyl]

Autofact FACT 09 / Touch Tone 23
March 2007

12" LP vinyl version of the CD originally released on Headz, Japan
Artwork by Jon Wozencroft

The Autofact release of "Live In Japan" by Christian Fennesz marks not only the album's debut on vinyl, but also the label's first ever domestic offering. Originally released in 2003 as Japan-only CD (Headz/Touch), "Live In Japan" is perhaps the definitive live document of electronic-acoustic improvisation for our time.

Hailed by many to be the 'greatest laptop live show in music history' and counted among the albums of the year by THE WIRE in 2003, one would perhaps have to go back as far as Kraftwerk to find a live electronic performance as engaging, organic and inventive as "Live In Japan".

The LP consists of one sublimely beautiful and haunting 43 minute long track, recorded live at the Shibuya Nest, Tokyo in February of 2003. The performance takes us from the bright codeine pop of "Endless Summer" to the haunting melancholy of "Venice", with familiar bits of coda and electronic soul hooks catching us as we stream through the lush, nearly symphonic drones and soundscapes which Fennesz has expertly composed to guide us through his musical legacy.

This is that rare piece of music which affects both the ardent champion and the novice alike, moving and original, with not a single note wasted and nothing out of place. Guitar music? Laptop music? Post-modern electronic soul music? Fennesz music.

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